Thursday, 11 July 2013

DRiFT Community Is Back!!

Hey Guys , Drift Community is back , It's now on 0.3x , Server is up and running 24/7 .
Just to let you guys know , If you guys help out with the server , the server owner will give you guys something special .
Well Any way here's the ip
HostName: DRiFT Community 0.3X
Players:  4 / 36
Ping:     181
Mode:     Drift/touge/drift/freeroam/fre
Map:      San Andreas

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mappack v1.3 Released!

The Mappack is officially done.
After this release their's going to be a shit loads of events on the TC Server.
If you haven't seen the server , you should go check it out!
Heres the ip .

HostName: Total Consciousness [TC] | Drift Server [Beta]
Players:  1 / 300
Ping:     61
Mode:     Drift
Map:      San Andreas
Check out Naka's Blog

Also get ready for some incredible stuff on this server.
I would like to thank every one For their Patience.

Well I haven't been modding lately so I'll try to spend some time
 on modding if I have time on doing it.


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